V&A Dive In

Creative Strategy
Project Overview
The V&A cannot fly contemporary Middle Eastern artists in for site visits, leading to less representation among on-site installations.

We were tasked with developing an immersive system for contemporary Middle Eastern artists to experience the V&A, increasing the diversity of on-site installations.
A framework providing an immersive synthesis of interdisciplinary digital and analogue materials for artists. With some intentionally prescriptive elements and some elements catering to the needs of individuals or groups of practitioners, the V&A could easily distill information in a low impact format while still providing a more personal, interactive dialogue.
Elements of the framework included:

360 mapping of physical spaces.

Digital capsules, distilling the V&A’s massive, non-UX friendly Search the Collections into smaller, more digestible narratives.This allowed practitioners to either tease fresh stories out of a single gallery, or alternatively allow for interdisciplinary dialogue across disparate parts of the museum.

Extra-gallery spaces identified as superb sites for intervention