A to Z of AI 

Creative Direction
Project Overview
This Webby-award winning AI "pocket dictionary" was a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help distill complex AI topics. It was translated into 18 languages and shown in 22 global markets.
‍I provided creative direction for the projects tone and visuals, developing an interactive flashcard system to enable learning about complex AI concepts.  
The project brief was to provide an interactive, visually driven way for the public to better understand key concepts surrounding AI adoption and use.

We assumed our audience had a general understanding of AI, having possibly read a New York Times article or equivalent about AI technology, but wouldn't know beyond abstract concepts what AI really entailed.

In collaboration with  the Google AI team, we determined a suitably well rounded ‘alphabet’ (pun intended).

This project was a collaboration between researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute and Google Brand Studios's EMEA division.